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It was established in 2006. During its activity, the company has successfully utilized its specialized capabilities in the supplying of domestic orders and involved its name amongst the companies in the oil extractions, livestock and poultry industry meanwhile it recorded its commercial position in domestic arena and international company.
Today, this company is a pillar of oil  extraction, livestock and poultry industry in the country. They experienced ups and downs in processing of these oils, but it has improved with better skills and during its life faces with different experiences and ready to offer a variety of diverse services of business in this industry. This company has been accredited with full knowledge of global markets and suppliers in the field to act massively import of oilseeds in the field of foreign trade. The company also moved to the wide spread distribution of these items in the  domestic markets.
International trade
The purpose of the Kandouj in the world
trading market
Natural products
Made from the best oilseeds
Kandouj services
Offering the best customer service
In today’s global competitions, a variety of products must be made available to the customer upon request
Faravari Sabous Kandouj, using machinery and knowledge of day, has a full capacity of oilseeds to 200 tons per day.
Faravari Sabous Kondouj Company, due to its high oil production capacity and utilizing its specialized capacities in the field of commerce, is highly prepared to supply domestic orders of crude edible oils.
With a nominal capacity of 200 tonnes, Faravari Sabous Kandouj utilizes up-to-date knowledge, along with experimental stocks of trained managers and final product production under the supervision of quality control laboratories 
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