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In today’s global competitions, a variety of products must be made available to the customer upon request. Customer demand for high quality and fast service has added to the pressures that have not existed before, so companies can no longer handle all the tasks on their own. In the current competitive marketplace, firms in addition to addressing internal organization and resources have found themselves in need of managing and overseeing related resources and organizations outside the organization.A key issue in a supply chain is the coordinated management and control of all these activities. Supply chain management is a phenomenon that does this in a way that customers can get reliable and fast service with quality products at minimal cost. On the other hand, supply chain management is based on a customer-centric approach. Accordingly, timely and complete communication between all elements of the supply chain is necessary to understand customer needs and the extent of supply chain needs.
Material flow management, human resource information, capital and equipment are key concepts of success in industrial units. Linking these five streams will lead to fundamental changes in a system that affect decision making, policy making, organizational structure and investment opportunity. In the 5th century, organizations faced increasing complexity in the process of production and trade.Now with the development of global competition, a variety of products must be made available to the customer at the right time and place. In supply chain management, companies intend to work together and make the necessary synergies to make strategic decisions.
As one of the main foodstuffs needed by the population is oils and fats, the vegetable oil and animal feed industry is one of the largest industries available globally and nationally. The hive complex also seeks to play a colorful role in the economic cycle of the country, using its technical expertise and empirical knowledge in supply chain management.
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